Summer haze

The first couple of days this week were the very best kind of summer North Carolina days. The temperature only climbs into the 80s, a lovely breeze blows through windows, and the sun shines gorgeously in a bright, blue sky. Today, however, was a different story. It was HOT. Hot in the house, hot in the car, hot and humid everywhere you went! Felt like Texas! On those days, the only thing to do is put on a breezy dress, add some cute extras, and grab an iced coffee to keep you company.

P.S. Feel like I have to mention that this dress ended up being a sweet, sweet gift from my hubs. Best surprise ever! Forgive me…newlywed, you know. 😉




Dress- Old Navy (40% right now!)

Crossbody purse- Target (no longer online)

Wedges- Target (on sale)

Sunglasses- Nordstrom

4 thoughts on “Summer haze

    • Aww I’m pass that along 😉 He might have had a little help…but when he saw it, he was sold.

      Elizabeth Leddy

      Piano Faculty Music Academy of North Carolina

      M.M. Piano Performance B.M. Piano Performance



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