LWD (Little white dress)

I love wearing white in summer. So many people say they’re afraid of wearing white because of spills and showing dirt, but the truth is I spill on my white clothes the same amount that I would on anything else and it’s nothing tragic! And I’m clumsy… Now I wouldn’t wear all white to the park or a place where I’m likely to rub up against a lot of dirt, but there is nothing more classic and refreshing than a gorgeous summer white outfit (except maybe a frozen treat on a hot day). I read the other day that mosquitos are attracted to dark colors, so supposedly, light colors in the summertime have a practical benefit too!

I wore this gorgeous white dress for a few events around our wedding and have pulled it out again several times this summer. I love that it’s comfortable and elegant and without being fussy, and I adore the scoop back detail. This dress pairs beautifully with neutral accessories of all shades (I love the contrast with a deeper cognac color) or looks great with a bright pop of color in the shoe. Today I paired it with a pair of lace-up sandals I picked up in Texas that I am loving, and some of my favorite accessories of the summer.


Guest post: Petite trends for Summer 2016 with Shannon of beautfaithS

Hi everyone! I apologize for the silence the last couple of weeks! Hubby and I went to Texas for my sister’s wedding and to visit friends and family and had a wonderful time. 🙂

Today, I have a very special post for you! My friend Shannon, known as beaut faith S on YouTube, has a wonderful beauty channel featuring tutorials, product reviews and lots of other fantastic content. She asked me to do a fashion collaboration video with her talking specifically about dressing as a petite girl! This is a topic I always enjoy because dressing for your body proportions is so important. Petite ladies are in no way limited to petite offerings in stores (although they can be super-helpful). Dressing fashionably as a petite is all about taking the trends that do flatter you and finding styles that enhance rather than overwhelm.  Hope you all enjoy this fun collaboration (and forgive my first-time on camera awkwardness)!

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