Happy NSale 2021: What You Need to Know

Happy Monday, friends!

Today is also the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! In case you’ve never shopped it (or even heard of it) before, this sale is best known because top-selling fall wardrobe pieces as well as home and beauty deals are 40% off now before they go on sale at regular prices. At the end of the sale, most of the items will still be available, but they will be full price on the webiste and in store.

Although there are a wide variety of categories offered in the sale, I have found the best deals I’ve gotten and the things I’ve bought and used for years now are high-quality items such as winter coats, boots, purses, etc that you can get a serious discount during this Sale. If you like to shop like I do, it’s also just fun to see what is coming out!

I’ve heard from several people that the Sale can be overwhelming, so here are my top tips!

✔️ Start a Wish List! The Sale opens to Nordstrom cardholders and general public in tiers (partially to avoid crashing the site or selling out of everything in one day). You can see the items available in the Sale now, though, in the Anniversary Sale preview— so create a Wish List and name it for this year’s sale. As you see items you are interested in, just save them to your Wish List. When your tier is able to shop, all you have to do is move those items from your wish list to your shopping cart and check out!

✔️ Think about what you need! Although there are lots of fun items in the Sale that may catch your eye, look at your wardrobe and think about where the holes are. Do you need a raincoat, a good parka, fall booties, a blazer? Make a list of those things and then look for them in the Sale preview under categories! You can get a high-quality piece for your wardrobe for much less.

✔️ Let me help you shop! I will be creating posts with my top picks in the sale and collages of my favorite items. However, if you’re looking for a specific piece and would like a “personal shopper”, I would love to do it!! I can either send you links for pieces that you are looking for, or create a suggested items list based on what you tell me you need and your budget. I do make a small commission off anything you buy through my links (it doesn’t change the price you pay at all), so I greatly appreciate it if you choose to shop with me 💛

Preview the Anniversary Sale here:


My top sale pics and more posts coming soon! Happy shopping!!

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Amazon Home Favorites 2020

Why do we all love Amazon? 😂 It’s hard to explain, but the combination of super-quick (usually) shipping and the wide variety of items available makes it irresistible. I love looking at other people’s Amazon favorites and finding great things, and I’m so excited to do my first Amazon post for you all!!

Simple Modern 24-ounce Convertible Tumbler– Let’s start off with the Amazon purchase I fell in love with most this year, and have gone on to buy my sister, mom, good friend and others! This tumbler actually got me to start drinking more water and stay better hydrated by making it so easy and enjoyable. The patterns and colors and beautiful, but best of all—your beverage will actually stay cold (like the ice won’t melt) for almost 24 hours! As someone who really doesn’t like lukewarm drinking water, this makes it so much nicer. The tumbler comes with a straw lid and two silicone washable straws as well as a flip-top lid. It also doesn’t sweat or leave rings. I just can’t recommend it enough and there’s a color for everyone in your life!

Co-op Home Loft Pillow– I have always struggled with my pillows being too flat or too hard, and I’ve been waking up with neck or back pain for the last year or two. Then I saw several posts from the beautiful Nasreen of Hey Nasreen talking about these amazing pillows that were the only ones she and her husband would use; so when I got an Amazon gift card from a sweet student, I decided to give it a try! I look forward to sleeping on this pillow now, and it always feels just right. I’ve never actually looked forward to laying my head down, so it’s definitely worth it!

AirPods Silicone Protective Case– I always looked at AirPod cases and thought they really weren’t worth it, since I didn’t see a problem with my AirPods on their own. But when I saw the inexpensive and cute little case, I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Not only do I feel safer that my AirPods are protected now, I love this color and it makes them easy to spot in a purse or tote. The silicone still looks brand new, and hasn’t stained or gotten worn. It comes in several colors, and is great if you have a pair of AirPods that you’re looking to keep safe and easy to find!

PadPillow Stand for iPad– This product is perfect for these times when you are probably on your tablet more than usual, and your wrists can get sore from typing at a weird angle, or you need something to prop up your iPad for a video call or to watch streaming. I love this stand when I’m using my iPad on the couch or in bed, and it makes typing so much comfortable for me. It folds into several different configurations based on what you need, and comes in several different colors. This has been a big help to me this year!

Folding Home Computer Desk– speaking of quarantine-inspired purchases, this desk was 100% inspired as I started working from home all the time this spring, and needed a space to work on my laptop that wasn’t the kitchen table! The shipping took a while, but once it arrived, it fit perfectly in the corner of my bedroom and has been a game-changer for having a dedicated work space that doesn’t take up a ton of square-footage in a two bedroom apartment. The desk comes fully assembled (be warned, that box is heavy!) and can easily be folded back up and stored under a bed or in a closet if not needed. I’m planning to keep mine set up for the foreseeable future, but this is super versatile and very sturdy for a variety of home office needs. I really love this one!

Cosori Electric Kettle– I had never owned an electric kettle before this year, but I was at a friend’s house and she was showing me how easy and quick it was to boil water for tea or cooking with this countertop electric kettle. I was intrigued so I decided to give it a try, and let me tell you—it has most certainly increased the hot tea consumption in this house! It’s so convenient to keep out for quickly making hot beverages or for using whenever you need boiling water in a recipe. It also has safety features that keep you from ever accidentally leaving a kettle on the stove which dries up and ruins it. Definitely a good household staple to have that I much prefer to the stovetop version!

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker– This thing might seem like just another kitchen gadget that you don’t need, but it is actually so easy to use and very helpful for quickly whipping up almost any kind of eggs you would like! Although it’s biggest feature is boiling eggs soft, medium or hard, you can also make poached eggs or little mini omelettes that are crazy easy. It can take a bit of trial and error to have them come out exactly as done as you would like, but this really does make eggs in the morning so much faster and kind of fun to prepare!

Cocktail Glass Set After having friends over for lemon drop martinis, and realizing I had no good glasses to serve them in, I hopped on Amazon to see what I could find in the glass department. I found this adorable little set of glasses which are just right for many cocktails! They’re sturdy and stylish and make a great addition to your glassware collection for margaritas, martinis and more!

Have fun shopping these and please let me know if you pick up anything for your house! Can’t wait to hear what you think and what your favorites are!

Xoxo, Elizabeth

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Sweater and Tops Edition

Tomorrow (August 19) is the day the Anniversary Sale opens to ALL! You do not have to be a Nordstrom cardholder to shop this goodness from August 19-30! It’s open to everyone!!!

Today I have my top picks for you in sweaters and tops which are still in stock as of this posting. Some of the more popular sweaters, especially, tend to sell out during the Sale and then come in and out of stock; so definitely set an alert to be notified when the item you want is in stock and keep checking back. Now let’s get to the fun tops and sweaters, because these are the variety and spice in our wardrobe with all of our favorite jeans and pants!

Madewell Stripe Cardigan– This is one of those items that I would love to get in the Sale because I probably wouldn’t buy it at full-price or even slightly discounted; but it is such a good quality piece that will get compliments and become a most-loved wardrobe staple. This is one that has come in and out of stock, so keep checking back for your size!

Off-the-shoulder Sweater– I ordered this one and I can’t wait for it to come in! For one thing, it’s so feminine and stylish, but it’s also great when you want to look a little cute and it’s freezing outside. Even before the coldest weather comes, this would be so cute with skinny jeans and booties or a little suede skirt. For an edgier look for date night or girls night, it would look great with faux-leather leggings or coated jeans. I got it in the pretty mauve color, but I also love the cream and think it would be so versatile!

Bishop Sleeve Sweater– This is one of those “updated” basics that I love. The bishop sleeve makes it trendy, but at heart, it is a great pullover sweater that could be layered over almost type of jeans or pants you can think of. This one is definitely on my wish list for the Sale this year if I can still grab it in my size!

Barefoot Dreams Weekend Cardigan– This list could never be complete without a Barefoot Dreams cardigan, and I have two here for you! I own the one that I’ll talk about next, but I love this updated take on the silhouette with the same classic Barefoot Dreams material. It’s a little more modern and trendy, and could more easily be worn out than just for loungewear. If you’ve never felt how SOFT these sweaters are, what are you waiting for??

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan– This is the “classic” Barefoot Dreams cardigan style, and the one that I, my mom and my sister all own and love! You just can’t go wrong with this for lounging around your house or throwing over your pajamas when it’s chilly. It would also be great to keep in a super air-conditioned or drafty office (although don’t blame me if you feel so comfy you fall asleep!)

Space Dye Mockneck Sweater– this is a fun, colorful sweater that I have had my eye on in the Sale. Heads up, it does seem to run a little big so consider ordering one size down if you don’t like your sweaters very oversized. The space dye is close to the popular tie dye trend this year, and I think this would just be so cute with jeans and boots and a crossbody bag this fall!

Leith Longline Cardigan– another great favorite every year in the sale, the Leith cardigan will sell out if it hasn’t already. It’s available in some great colors this year, and there is nothing easier to throw on over a basic T-shirt or tank with jeans or leggings and look instantly put together! The great news is this one also comes in plus sizes.

Crochet Yoke Floral Top– This top is so cute and right up my alley for fall! I haven’t purchased it yet, but it’s definitely lined up in my next order and the price point is great, too. Love that it also comes in plus size. Only problem will be be deciding which color to get!

Leopard print V-neck Blouse– This is such a pretty work top that would look beautiful under cardigans or jackets. Absolutely classic and a great price on sale. This would also be super cute with black jeans and some fun jewelry for going out.

Twist Front Blouse– Another lovely work blouse! This would look beautiful with everything from wide leg pants and heels, to ankle pants and pointed-toe mules, or some cute jeans and open-toe booties for a weekend dinner out.

Rounded v-neck t-shirt– This looks like a nice soft drapey v-neck tee that would layer beautifully under everything. You can never have too many good white tees in different cuts and styles!

Red Polka Dot Blouse– I am in love with the modern retro styling of this top! So understated and stylish for 2020. I could just see this with some great wide leg pants or “mom jeans” and some chic flats. Another one it’s going to be hard to pass up!

Houndstooth Knit Jacket– I think this would be the chicest thing with some distressed denim. You could also style this for the office with ankle pants or wide-leg crops and heels, but I love the idea of this as an elevated casual look with a drapey tee and some great jeans!

Happy shopping everyone if you’re browsing the Sale, and please let me know in the comments what you pick up or what your favorites are!

Xoxo, Elizabeth

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Shoe Edition

Insider Access (that’s me!) for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens on Thursday this week, so I’m filling up my wishlist and getting ready to go! All week I’ll be posting my favorite sale picks in different categories, so whether you can already shop or your day is coming up soon, you can come to the blog and reference my picks if you’re looking for sale inspiration!

Shoes are one of my favorite categories of all time, and the majority of the good boots and heels in my closet have been purchased during past years’ Anniversary Sales. Over the years, the amount I’m willing to invest in shoes has risen because you realize nobody has time for their feet to be killing you (not to mention wanting your feet to last you for a while). Good shoes also last so much longer than more cheaply-made ones, and give you years of use for your investment. NSale is really the perfect time to buy high-quality shoes that might be a little above your normal shopping price point.

Suede Pointed-Toe Bootie– This is the classic bootie style will go with almost everything in your fall/winter wardrobe including jeans, leggings, or tights with skirts and dresses. Note: the reviews do say this runs a little tight, so I would definitely recommend sizing up at least a half size. You would rather have booties a little looser rather than tight, but remember that real leather will stretch!

Open-toe bootie– If you live in a warmer climate that stays mild through much of the fall/winter, the open-toe bootie can be your best shoe friend! It gives you the classic fall look, which keeping your feet cool and breathable. This will go perfectly with both jeans and skirts/dresses, and they’re great quality. I have the version from two years ago, and they’re still going strong!

Pointed-toe dress bootie– This style is my go-to for dressing up when it’s cold. They still look dressy and a little sexy, while keeping your feet and ankles warm and snug. They’re beautiful and slimming, and you’ll be so glad you have these when winter occasions or date nights roll around, and even for professional work outfits with black pants or a dress. Bonus: they also come in a lovely soft white which is very on trend for fall!

Waterproof Chelsea bootie– I choose this one to show, but really anything by the Blondo brand in the Sale is worth looking at! If you live in a place with snow, ice or lots of rain, having waterproof shoes is a must. Blondo makes a range of great styles which are all waterproof and weather-ready. This is a cute casual pair perfect with jeans or leggings and a great puffer or rain coat!

Suede knee-high boots– If you’ve never tried on knee-high boots, you might be surprised how much you love them! They instantly make even a simple outfit have that extra element of style and glamour, but they’re much easier to wear than the over-knee boots. I personally would love to wear these with a shorter dress or skinny jeans or leggings. They do look fairly pointed, so I would plan to size up at least a half size! The uppers are real leather, so they will also and stretch and mold to your feet.

Low top sneaker– If you had told me a few years ago I would like cool sneakers as much as I do now, I probably wouldn’t have believed you! But I love these sleek sneakers, which would go with anything from a t-shirt dress to wide-leg jeans or “dad” jeans!

Flared block heel pump– I just adore this understated feminine style of pump that goes perfectly with almost any style I can think of. They’re trendy and cool without “trying”, and would add the perfect modern touch throughout your fall style. I’m going to have a hard time passing up these! Now to decide which color…my personal favorites are the Summer Tan, Dark Glaze or Candy Red!

Strappy Slide Sandal– These are also super cool and fun and definitely fall into the “wear now” category! These are a great transition item that you can this month and as long as weather stays in the 60s. There are a couple of pretty colors, but I think my choice would be the tortoiseshell color. These would look especially cool with wide leg pants or crop flare jeans!

Hunter rain boots– If you’re looking for classy and stylish rain boots that up your outfit on messy days, look no further than Hunter boots! Mine are a light eggplant color, and always brighten the gray days and get so many compliments. The only thing I would say is that they are not for walking on icy surfaces. There are seriously so many good options in the NSale this year, but I think my favorites have to be this fun leopard print or one of the quilted gloss styles! If you’re petite like me, I discovered the Original Tall style is too tall for my calves, so these Tour Short (or this quilted glossy) and Chelsea boot options are perfect!

Nordstrom Sale 2020: What’s in my Closet

It’s Christmas in July (well, August this year!) Time for the fashion world’s favorite sale of the year—the annual Nordstorm Anniversary Sale! In case you’ve never shopped it before, what makes this sale so special is that it’s not past-season or older styles going on sale— Every summer, Nordstrom brings out brand new fall items, and offers them heavily discounted before they go back to regular price for the rest of the fall.

Although there are new items every year, some of the most exciting items in the sale are classics which rarely go on sale otherwise; and favorite beauty items, which you can pick up right now at a great price! There are also beautiful home items which make the best presents for the holidays. I’m going to give my favorite picks over the next few weeks for different parts of the sale, but I thought it would be fun to start with items I already own and love which are included in the sale this year!

There are a few important dates to know if you’re shopping the sale this year. If you are a Nordstrom cardholder, what day you can shop depends on your level as a card member. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, you can still shop the sale when it opens to the public! If you’re interested in getting a card, Nordstrom is offering a $60 Nordstrom Note (store credit) for new cardholders. The most important thing to know is that until it’s your day to shop, save everything you want to a Wishlist! Things tend to sell out quickly; so if you have your picks in a wish list, you can quickly transfer them to your shopping bag and check out when you can finally shop! Ok…on to the good stuff!!

Zelle High-Waist Leggings

These leggings are my absolute favorite for wearing with sweaters or loose tops, and whenever I’m ready to be comfy at home! They’re not really workout leggings for me, but more my leggings to wear with outfits or for loungewear. I have two in black, one in a dark green in a fun purple space-dye pattern, and they fit and flatter better than any leggings I’ve tried. There are quite a few available in the sale this year—including the really popular 7/8 version, these fun print versions, a cool blue space dye, and they have great plus-size versions, as well!

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan

Oh, the Barefoot Dreams cardigans! 😂 These are hands down one of the most popular items in the sale every year—and with good reason! I got mine a couple of years, and I’ve gotten my mom and my sister hooked on them since! It feels like you’re being wrapped in a hug or your favorite soft blanket. It can even double as a robe to go over your PJs in the cooler months. This is the classic Circle Cardigan style, but they have some fantastic other styles this year which I’m going to have hard time passing up—including this long cardigan with pockets and this amazing subtle leopard version. These sweaters aren’t cheap, but they’re about $40 off during the Sale!

Spanx faux-leather leggings

These are a fall/winter wardrobe staple that will elevate your style and give you endless possibilities in your closet! I got these for Christmas last year, and they were instantly one of my favorites. Again, these aren’t inexpensive at full price, but this is one of the best prices you’ll find all year. Some people wear their “true” size, but if you’re between sizes, I would recommend going up a size. You can’t beat Spanx brand for shaping and flattering your figure, and the finish is elegant and not at all like “pleather”. They’re perfect with ankle booties as well as knee-high boots, and can work with anything from an off-the-shoulder sweater to a chunky cardigan. They’re the gold standard for leather leggings, and you will love them!

Hunter rain boots

Hunter rain boots are the most fun and stylish rain boots out there, and this is a great time to add this classic to your wardrobe if they’re on your list! Mine are in a light eggplant color, and they make an outfit and add a pop on gray, rainy days. Now, if you’re petite like me, I recommend the Original Tour style which are slightly shorter than the Original, or the Original Tour Short or Chelsea Boot styles. My exact style isn’t the sale, but there are some great options in this year’s Sale.

Longchamp Expandable Tote

My Longchamp was a Christmas gift from my sister a few years ago, and I have loved it to death ha! Mine is starting to look a little worn, but these are absolutely the best and classiest totes for travel. It is my go-to carry-on bag—the soft sides make it easy to carry and fit in anywhere, and the zipper top keeps it secure. Mine isn’t the expandable version, but I think this one would be even better for travel, since you expand it or make it smaller depending on what you need to carry. The other great thing about the Longchamp totes is that they fold up easily into a small square, so you could have it folded in your suitcase, and bring it out for daytime travel tote at your destination. Highly recommend this expandable version!

Bliss Plush Throw

Love, love, love this blanket! I’ve already gifted them several times to friends who love them as much as I do. The price is good normally, but the sale price is fantastic. Pick this up for yourself, a birthday gift, a housewarming gift…anything! Promise you won’t be disappointed 😉

Makeup Eraser 10-day Cloth Set

The Makeup Eraser sounds too good to be true, but it really works and is so gentle yet effective at makeup removal. They’re also incredibly more sustainable than makeup remover wipes, and don’t leave a film on your skin. This fun little set has a small cloth for 10 days, and comes with a laundry bag for throwing them in the washing machine. This would be a great little find for yourself, or a fun gift for a friend or fellow beauty lover!

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps

This classic body lotion is rich and luxurious and makes your skin look smooth and glowing. I only have a little bottle which I usually take on trips, but this is a great time to get enough to last for months at a much more reasonable price!

These are just a few favorites I already own and love that are in the Sale at a great discount right now. Hope you’ll find something here that you’ll enjoy, and watch out for more Anniversary Sale posts coming up! If you have a friend who might like to shop any of these favorites or would be interested in following the blog, it would mean the world to me if you would share this post with them or ask them to follow! Leave me a comment below and let me know you’re sharing My Style Note and your favorite Sale Finds!

xoxo Elizabeth

Off the Top of Your Head

Have you tried the knotted headband trend yet? I’ve ordered a couple of packs off Amazon, but these are definitely my favorites. I love all the fun patterns in this set, and how versatile they are with different outfits! I feel like a cute headband can take an outfit from basic to looking put-together and stylish, and make you look instantly put together (with no effort!)

Sometimes headbands and/or sunglasses can give me headaches, but so far these also haven’t bothered me at all. I didn’t style every headband from the pack here, but I had fun putting together looks with a few of them to experiment! I feel like there are so many more possibilities , though… I’d love to see your pictures and outfits if you get these or some similar!

Shop headbands here: Print knotted headbands (Set of 10) (Amazon)

Short sleeve sweatshirt, High-rise button fly jeans, Pendant necklace in White Pearl
White crop flare jeans, Similar wide-leg crop jeans, Rose gold hoops earrings
Similar black dress, Other similar black dress, Rose gold hoop earrings
Smocked maxi dress, Rose gold hoop earrings
Similar crop jeans, Similar wide legged crop jeans
Side button cami, Similar button-front tank, Similar belted chambray shorts, High-waisted denim tie shorts

Style Note Sale Alert

Sheath dresses can be a hard fit for me, because as beautiful and classic as they are–they’re often too tight around my hourglass shape hips or too baggy on top. This one fits like a dream—and the fabric is beautiful. I got this J. Crew sheath dress on major sale; and through end of day 7/31, it’s even deeper on sale! It’s currently an extra 72% off sale price, making it only $25 from $170!!! If red and pink isn’t your thing, it also comes in a beautiful blue combo.

This dress couldn’t be more perfect for summer workwear (it passes the sit test!) or for a religious service, wedding or christening. If none of those events are happening for you this summer, it is ALWAYS a good idea to have special occasion dresses ready in your closet when you need them!

Shop this dress

Sisters, Sisters

This is such a fun post today because I have a special guest—my sister, Sarah (who is younger, btw!) We got to take pics when we were home with our parents celebrating Sarah’s birthday and Father’s Day a couple of weeks ago. I think part of my desire to start a fashion blog or share outfits on Instagram and LIKEtoKNOW.it comes from sharing things with my sister. We’ve always loved to text each other things that we’ve found or products we’re loving, and she’s been borrowing my clothes or jewelry for as long as I can remember! 😂

Without even planning it, we both wore Loft tops and the same wedges (which I told her about!) that day. Sarah was also wearing the cutest jeans she had just gotten from Abercrombie, which are currently on sale! Although these jeans also come in Regular sizing, they’re especially great because they come in Curvy cut. If you’re a girl with hips, you know there’s nothing worse than jeans with that gap in back of your waist, or needing a certain size for your hips or thighs but a smaller size in the waist. These jeans come in different washes, and have just enough stretch to be comfortable. They also have the “chewed” hem which I love this year.

This top I’m wearing has been one of my most-worn pieces this spring. It goes with shorts, white jeans, you name it…and can easily be more dressy or casual! It’s got a swingy cut so it’s forgiving no matter how much vacation food you’ve been eating 🙂

These are my first pair of cropped flare jeans, and I love them! This pair from Walmart is pretty much sold out, but I linked almost identical ones on LIKEtoKNOW.it so you can get the same look. The best part about these is that you can trim them yourself to get the length you need, and then just rough up the cut edge or wash and dry them. I actually think I might cut these a little shorter because I want them to be above my ankle.

Hopefully we can do some more sister pics soon. In the meantime, I’ll keeping sending you things I find! xoxo

Links to everything we’re wearing on my LIKEtoKNOW.it page!

Style Note Sale Alert

Sometimes I post outfits on Instagram or things that are on sale, and I realized that they never make it to the blog. So I thought I would periodically do a “sales alert” post here so that if you’re not on Instagram, you could still see what I post there if you’re a blog reader!

This dress isn’t on sale, but it might as well be because it’s only $9 full price!!! A perfect swing-y, stretchy dress with pockets and a flattering cut, this dress would look great on any body type. It comes in a few colors and restocks fairly often. This is perfect when the weather’s hot and you need something light and breezy for running errands, going out to eat, or even as a swimsuit coverup. I would grab this one in as many colors as you can!

Time and Tru Sleeveless Knit Dress ($9)

All Target dresses are 20% off this weekend, including these that I’ve worn and loved this spring!

This mint green dress is so elegant and simple and a very forgiving cut. It’s perfect for wedding or baby showers, graduations, church services or even family pictures. It also has a slip underneath so you don’t have to worry about the light color.

Prologue Sleeveless Crepe Dress ($22.39 on sale)

This dress is so beautiful and perfect for multiple occasions! The faux-wrap design is flattering without the risk of the wrap skirt falling open, and it gives a beautiful waist shape. The fabric is nice and substantial without being heavy, and can be dressed up or down. This dress has been a bestseller, and it’s easy to see why!

A New Day Short-Sleeved Ruffle Dress ($23.99 on sale)

Finally this lovely dress with a slightly retro vibe is just beautiful for all spring/summer occasions. I always feel good in this one, and it gets compliments for its feminine and unique design. I love the slightly asymmetrical hem and delicate floral print! Loft has been regularly 40-60% off lately, and this dress is currently 50% off the sale price.

Loft Buttercup Puff Sleeve Dress ($42 with code YESSS)