Happy NSale 2021: What You Need to Know

Happy Monday, friends!

Today is also the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! In case you’ve never shopped it (or even heard of it) before, this sale is best known because top-selling fall wardrobe pieces as well as home and beauty deals are 40% off now before they go on sale at regular prices. At the end of the sale, most of the items will still be available, but they will be full price on the webiste and in store.

Although there are a wide variety of categories offered in the sale, I have found the best deals I’ve gotten and the things I’ve bought and used for years now are high-quality items such as winter coats, boots, purses, etc that you can get a serious discount during this Sale. If you like to shop like I do, it’s also just fun to see what is coming out!

I’ve heard from several people that the Sale can be overwhelming, so here are my top tips!

✔️ Start a Wish List! The Sale opens to Nordstrom cardholders and general public in tiers (partially to avoid crashing the site or selling out of everything in one day). You can see the items available in the Sale now, though, in the Anniversary Sale preview— so create a Wish List and name it for this year’s sale. As you see items you are interested in, just save them to your Wish List. When your tier is able to shop, all you have to do is move those items from your wish list to your shopping cart and check out!

✔️ Think about what you need! Although there are lots of fun items in the Sale that may catch your eye, look at your wardrobe and think about where the holes are. Do you need a raincoat, a good parka, fall booties, a blazer? Make a list of those things and then look for them in the Sale preview under categories! You can get a high-quality piece for your wardrobe for much less.

✔️ Let me help you shop! I will be creating posts with my top picks in the sale and collages of my favorite items. However, if you’re looking for a specific piece and would like a “personal shopper”, I would love to do it!! I can either send you links for pieces that you are looking for, or create a suggested items list based on what you tell me you need and your budget. I do make a small commission off anything you buy through my links (it doesn’t change the price you pay at all), so I greatly appreciate it if you choose to shop with me 💛

Preview the Anniversary Sale here:


My top sale pics and more posts coming soon! Happy shopping!!

Tip: Anyone with a Nordstrom card is an Influencer!

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