Flowers for the teacher

Happy Monday, everyone!

It’s here! The start of a new school year for many of us (including me!). Hope this year is off to a wonderful start!

This was a fun weekend outfit..I love this beautiful little sundress and have gotten lots of wear out of it this summer. A denim vest is such a great layering piece for all kinds of casual looks, and I love how it turns this dress into a fun outfit.

I also love me a good fedora! 😉 I’ve had three over the last few years. The first was left in a London hotel room in a 4 a.m. dash to the airport. The second was unfortunately taken last summer when our car was broken into. This lovely little hat survived an ocean dunking at Myrtle Beach this summer, but it’s still going strong. I feel like wearing a hat automatically gives any outfit a little more flare, and gives me a cool edge I don’t normally feel!





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