Dress season

IMG_0197IMG_0199IMG_0252IMG_0257IMG_0260IMG_0262IMG_0264IMG_0266IMG_0255It has been hot here this week! Not just 80 degrees hot, but upper 90s–like where I grew up in Texas. We haven’t broken 100 yet though, so not quite like Texas πŸ˜‰

Needless to say, it is definitely dress season and this is one of my new favorites. Black dresses of all kinds are so versatile. It’s clichΓ© but true… This one is updated with shoulder cut-outs and a midi length and is soo comfy to wear! This midi length is longer than I would normally wear as a petite, but it actually felt different and fresh.

What summer dresses have you been enjoying in this boiling weather? I’d love to see your favorites!



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