Cozy new year

Happy New Year, everyone! 2020 has gotten off to both a good and challenging start for me, personally–a couple of hospitalizations and declining health for my dad, but also positive goals personally and for work. For some strange reason, I tend to like even-numbered years…I graduated with my masters in 2014, my wedding was in 2016, etc. So here’s to this beautiful year and whatever it may hold. It will all be part of the journey. My goal is to approach the year with intentionality–to not merely be swept along, but to embrace and create opportunities and meaningful times. (I know we all say that, but who doesn’t love a fresh start?)

My mom gave me the famous Spanx faux-leather leggings for Christmas, and I have to say…they really do live up to the hype! I am definitely planning to wear them for my next travel/plane day. Stylish and incredibly comfortable and easy to wear! I can’t wait to put together more outfits with them.

I bought this oversized sweater at Target earlier this fall, and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect dusty rose/blush shade, and very warm–easily layered underneath. I paired it with the snakeskin booties from my last post–also from Target. Still loving those and amazed at how much they go with. An ensemble of favorites on a rainy day!

Sweater: A New Day

Faux-leather leggings: Spanx (I’m wearing the petite inseam, and I do recommend going up a size)

Snakeskin booties: Target

2 thoughts on “Cozy new year

  1. Thank you for including me, Elizabeth! I heard yesterday that your dad had some blood pressure problems and was in the hospital. With all of his challenges, he still has a sweet smile and seems glad to see me!

    I do hope your 2020 is full of all kinds of good opportunities! And for your family, too.




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